Getting the Whole Amster”DAM” Experience 

When you hear “Amsterdam” chances are your reaction will be “Fuck yeah Amsterdam”! For me my reaction began and also end as FUCK AMSTERDAM! For starters its the weed and sex capital of the world so how could I hate it? 

I traveled from Copenhagen Denmark to Amsterdam by Flixbus, a 12 hour ride. I took the night bus figured I’d sleep it off and the duration wouldn’t matter, also I was determined to experience Europe via plane, train and bus. During a rest stop in Germany I woke up on the bus, stopped at a bathroom stop in the middle of nowhere. The fog was extremely thick and the “forest” we were in had me expecting that Creeper from “Jeepers Creepers” to rattle the bus at any moment. Moving forward, we arrived at 9am to Amsterdam Sloterdijk station. First thing I wanted was to pee like a race horse , I hope you guys didnt expect me to use the “bathroom” at the “rest stop”.

To use the restroom at the train station  (as well any restaurant or public bathroom ) charges a toll of 50 cent Euros. My reaxtion of course was WTF ! Now because I didn’t change my currency from Danish Kronos the ccurrency exchange also hadnt opened as yet and the lady in front of me was kind enough to pay my toll.

Let’s speed this up a bit. I never booked my hostel for Amsterdam as the bus ride was a last minute decision and it seemed as if EVERY FREAKING HOSTEL was booked out for Friday night. I spent almost 3 hours im Starbucks searchimg for somewhere to stay now a friend of mine, I will refer to as the “WIFI Travel” has been in contact with me every single day making sure I wasnt “Taken”. The WIFI Traveler helped to find me a room that was a 30 minute walk from Central Station, which I didnt mind verse taking the tram so that I can take in a few sights.

Arriving to Central Station I was starving! So I popped into the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. My service was TERRIBLE!! First its seemed as if my server didnt want to seat me then she took 15 minutes to bring my NON ALCOHOL drink. 40 minutes to bring me a burger and fries and another 15 minutes when I asked for a refill. My burger was delicious but it wasn’t worth the wait. 


When I arrived to the hostel after an aggregating lunch and morning I was informed that there had been a system error they were overbooked. I was over experiencing Amsterdam, I’m sure the hot weather didnt help with my mood but it was disappointment and frustration one after another since I arrived. Fortunately, the receptionist was very nice and found sister hostel that could accommodate me.

My roommates were nice and a few of us went out to a pub crawl and I will say I had a blast. Two of them had just graduated college from Tampa Florida and said the most insane things. The 3rd roommate was from San Francisco late 20s and a bit crazy but I liked her personality. Crazy how? She’d been traveling for about a month had her cell phone pickpocketed in Barcelona, purchased another and left it in a cab. To my understanding she already had quiet a trip but to continue traveling without a mines of communication is crazy. It was a perfect random girls night out with complete strangers that ended with all you can eat ribs and fries.

Day 2 was a very good day, a fresher outlook of Amsterdam. 

I toured the Van Gogh museum,  enjoyed a cold beer overlooking the canal, toured the Red Light District and ate tons of food. I walked forever!

Now that all the drama is over who can mention Amsterdam and not talk about food and sex. Unfortunately I’m not a smoker and couldn’t bring my self to try out so I don’t have any reviews on that. 

But as far as sex goes! I’ve never been more tempted to experience a brothel to say fuck it but, I’m chicken shit LOL. I know how can you write sex stories but be chicken? Anything I’ve done in my sexual life are natural events. I walked for hours in amazement and surprise at the prostitutes in the windows reaching for a sale. I will keep some things to myself and say it’s definitely an experience! 

One attraction that caught my eye was the MUSEUM OF PROSTITUTION. 

It’s not fully what you think but it’s definitely an interesting attraction. The highlight of the tour had to be the wall of confessions left by travelers from all over the world. 

Did I leave a confession? Now you would have to take the tour for yourself to see. 

I learned the rough side to backpacking, had my strengths tested while meeting some new friends and locked away a few memories. In the end I missed my flight to Ibiza and stayed overnight in a airport to catch the first flight out. Seems like I’m definitely getting that full backpacking experience with all the good and bad that comes with it. Until next time….


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