Trading Comfort For Uncertainty

What could make a person leave everything and everyone they love behind? Dreams. Most of us dream big, some bigger than than we should and some not big enough, downsizing our potential. Dreams can turn an average man into a theift and a homeless man into a multimillion dollar CEO. Look at Tyler Perry, he never stopped dreaming.

I remember from the ages of 14-17 years old I spoke about traveling the world backpacking from country to country as soon as I turned 18. I planned on touring Europe alone taking in all the foreign sites one would only see in a movie. 18 years old turned into 19, 19 into 20 and so forth here I am 26 years old and still have not been to Europe. It was last year however I booked my flights, quit my job and decided to go.

Last year I will admit I was an EXTREMELY UNHAPPY person. I was experiencing stress from every corner in life, trying to complete school and over extending myself to friends and family. Now I’m not a person to discuss my issues but I reached my peak and felt deeply broken. I cried a lot, was ready to pack up my Pomeranian and get the hell out!

My mother asked me not to go to Europe, with all the craziness that was taking place at the time. So of course I postponed my trip. I hated myself for doing so but I’m grateful actually I did. You see running away to Europe at the time would have ony brought me momentary happiness. I used the time to focus on myself, stopped comparing myself to others, complaining about not reaching a certain point in my life as yet and practing SELF LOVE.

SELF LOVE is the acknowledgement of one’s flaws, accepting what we cannot change and making a spiritual effort to change what we can. Self love is taking an internal look at yourself and saying “I am enough but there is always room for better. I reached a point in my life where I was exhausted from being unhappy and miserable, its just not appealing.

Now that I’ve changed my life in a positive direction my energy has been attracting blessings into my life and I am now happy. I’ve learned not to accept negative vibes in my life and keep positive people around me. With all of that said, something was still missing.

You can have greatness and still remain unsettled.

So one day at work I booked my flight and here I am today, spending my first night in Copenhagen Denmark. The number one question I’ve been asked is ” Oh my God why didn’t you go with anyone? ” My response ” If I waited on my friends I would never go anywhere”.

As Drake said “Everybody dies but not everybody lives”.

I’m uncertain as to how this trip will turn out, taking it one moment at a time. I’m a stranger walking through streets of unfamiliar faces, dorming in beds I will never sleep in again HOWEVER, I am no longer wishing I did “that”. I am a dreamer currently doing IT.



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