Sticky Pt 3

Bent over I hugged Brenda from the back, as I slid my thumb into her butt and middle inside her.
I held her tight unto me as our bodies moved in sync, pinching her nipples.
“I still want to fuck you.” Cassie said with a mouth full of dick.
“Yeah me too. Come sit on daddy’s dick.” Corey smiled.
“This isn’t about me.” I moaned, continuously fucking Brenda’s ass and pussy with my fingers.
“It’s about all of us. We want to make you cum.” Brenda said.
I chuckled.
“It’s going to take a lot more than some tongue action and fingering to make me cum.” I said.
“Don’t act tough, your acting like I don’t dick you down all the time.” Corey said as he grabbed me.
“Yeah Corey, bring her pretty pussy over here. I’ve wanted taste that shit for a while now.” Cassie moaned, while biting her lip.
Brenda began sucking on Corey’s dick while I hovered over it in reverse cow girl position.
Cassie began lathering my clit with her tongue as I lowered onto his dick.
“AAhhh. Ooooh yeah.” I moaned as I bounced up and down his dick.
I swear I forgot how big he was.
“OOOOOOOOOO fuck yeah. OOOmmm oooh my god, yeah baby just like that.” I continuous moaned as I continued to ride his rock hard cock.
I may be insane but I love when he wraps his arm around my waist locking my in a comprising position to fuck me balls deep. It was a twisted combo of pain and pleasure because he’s dick is way too big for anyone with a normal “good” vagina to manage.
“OOOHHH shit ouch. Fuck. Yeah. Baby don’t stop, please don’t stop. I continued.
As I try to maintain consciousness from orgasmic world of feelings and juicing flowing through my body, I grew over whelmed by the sensations I was feeling. I felt a form of pressure building and intensifying inside of me I could barely breathe.
“Damn your pussy taste so fucking good.” said Cassie in muffling tone as she continued sucking on my clit.
“Oh shit. Oh my God, no. Fuck no. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” Shit!” I yelled.
Brenda placed a piece of ice on my clit.
“Come with me baby.” She whispered in my ear.
She climbed on top of my and began scissoring against my pussy as Corey continued to fuck me.
The ice remained between both clits and Cassie’s tongue remained below n ow licking back and fourth between the both of us.
This feeling was unbelievable.
“Fuck I’m about to cum!” I yelled.
“You both cum for me, cum in my mouth.” Cassie said.
The ice between Brenda and I was melting fast along with our cum into Cassie’s mouth and all over her face. Cassie pleasured her self to the taste of our honey.
“Harder.” I moaned.
“Are you sure?” asked Corey.
“I said fuck me! Fuck me harder! Yes! Harder, give me every inch of that f_king cock!” I shouted repeated. I grew possessed, a bit demonic in need of an exorcist.
“Yes! Yes! Don’t fucking stop. Baby ohhhhh my fucking god.
“Cum for me baby, cum.” said Brenda. Moaning and grinding harder onto me.
“Oh my God baby I can’t hold it. I can’t….fuck I’m about to bust.” moaned Corey.
“BBBaaaaby ….fuuuuuucckkkkk!” I shouted. Squirting out my cum across the room.
Corey held me tight as his body weaken and feel over onto me. I could feel the warm load of cum he shot off into my pussy. We were all in sync, everyone panting from reaching their peak.
As Cassie tried to catchy her breath and sat up the remains of honey from Corey, Brenda and I smothered her face.
“Wow!” Cassie said.
*Everyone laughed.*
“So do you guys do this often?” she asked.
I looked at Corey and smiled.
“Before now? No. But if you ladies are up for it, I’m down.” I said.

The End


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