Getting my lips nice and tender, lathering them with spit.
I watched intriguingly as Brenda sucked on his cock.
Corey was far from average the head of his dick was the size of a toddler’s fist.
10 inches of the prettiest circumcised dick I’d ever seen, his balls hung like a horse.
To some that maybe unattractive but to me I loved it. Having his balls slapping against my face, or even gagging on them while he tea bags me.
Hypnotized in awe as Brenda wrapped her tongue around the base of his cock, slurping his shaft side ways.
Spitting on my index finger, I slowly massaged my clit as I leaned toward the back of his legs.
The sexy sound of her sucking on his cock like a frozen Slurpee made my nipples harder.
I began kissing his calves and worked my way up to his inner thigh.
Grazing my teeth against his skin, his body resisted.
Massaging my tongue between his inner thighs, I began sucking on his balls.
Gargling my spit against his nuts sack as the bounced off my tonsils, he leaned forward getting deeper into Brenda’s mouth.
“OOOhhh fuck.” He moaned.
His toes cracked one by one as we tag teamed him.
“Wait, wait hold on.” Said Corey

*Plop sound* “You want us to stop?” Brenda asked as she raised her head off his dick.

“Hell no, I don’t want ya’ll to stop.” He said

“So what’s the problem?” I asked.
“Ya’ll about to make me bust and I ain’t ready yet that’s number one. Number two, since I didn’t know you were going to be fucking Brenda so I picked up Cassie on the way over.” He said.
“Cassie? Who the hell is that?” He asked.

“My homeboy Marc’s sister with the fast ass from the barbeque. Remember I told you she liked you?” He asked.

“OOOOO yeah, damn she had some nice as titties. Where is she?” I asked.
“In the living room, come let’s go out.” He said

I walked out into the living room and she had on yellow lace, half cut panties that sat on the top of her ass and perky big breast sitting outside of her bra.

“I heard you guys started with out me.” Cassie said getting up from the couch.

“Shh, no don’t get up.” I said pushing her down on the couch, raising both of her legs in the air.
Her sex appeal became a high for me.

“I thought I was the one that wanted to fuck y…” she uttered.

“I said shhhh. Isn’t this what you wanted? Did you honestly believe you were going to come to my house and fuck me and I wasn’t going to fuck you?” I asked getting on my knees.

Moving her panties aside I plunged my tongue into her pussy.

Feeling her lips roll off my mouth I tongue her down, as her hips loosened and legs began to quiver.

“Ooh shit, baby’” she moaned.

“Corey, come over here.” I ordered.

He dipped his cock into her pussy as I licked his shaft with every stroke.

Brenda walked over as I was already bent over, lowering her head between my legs so that could mount her face.

Her honey grew sweeter with every deep stroke he pounded into her, I could taste her climax approaching.

The stench of honey filled the room, as I always notice the little things the turn me on.

“Yes, yes I’m about to cum.” Cassie moaned out.
“”Yeah, cream all over my cock.” Corey utter as he pounded harder and faster into her honeypot.

Her pussy grew wetter and wetter.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeees, fuck, OMG I’m coming!” She shouted.

I pushed Corey out of the way and devoured her cum in my mouth.

“Damn your ass is so selfish.” He laughed.
“Shut up and go fuck her face.” I smiled back.

He climbed on to the chair standing over her, grabbing her hair while stroking his cock he released his load into her mouth.

Licking it off her lips she asked, “Are you done?”

“Hell no, I’m not done. I’m just getting started as he said lower her mouth onto his cock.
I love when he does that shit.

Can I have a taste of her?” Brenda asked.
I moved out the way so Brenda can have at her.

Bent over I hugged Brenda from the back, As I slid my……………………………..TO BE CONTINUED….


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