*Sends text*
Me: “I want twerk my pussy on your tongue”.
Recipient: “Me”?
Me: “Yes, you dummy. Who else would I be talking to”?
Recipient: “I don’t know I have to take care of some things first with my boys”.
Me: “Excuse me? Wait I just told you I want to throw my pussy on your face and you have to take care of things with your boys”?
Recipient: “Yeah, I’ll be there in thirty minutes”.
Me: “Nah that’s fine, I’ll just hang out with Brenda until you get here”.
Recipient: “Ight bet, I’m gonna bring my bib LOL.”
“Brenda!!!” I shouted walking into the bathroom.
“What’s up?” She asked.
“Corey is on his way so go hurry up, shower and I’ll drop you home”. I said.
“Hmm so just because your man coming over you want to kick me out of your house now.” She snapped.
“Yes, bitch! Are you giving me dick?” I said.
“Does it look like I have a dick.” She said while flashing me her vagina.
“Exactly, that’s why your ass has to go. You do however have a fat ass.” I said jokingly while slapping her ass.
“Hmm”. She rolled her eyes.
“Wait turn back around. Hmm I mean you do have a fat pussy I won’t lie.” I said licking my lips.
“She turned her body towards me as the soap suds continued to run down her thighs.
“Yeesss. A phat pussy.” I said as I stroked her pussy.
I slide my fingers inside her as I reached into my shorts.
“Come here.” I said pulling her out of the shower and kissing on her neck.
“I miss you.” She moaned.
“You miss what”? I teased.
“The way you pleased me, making my body shiver as I came all over your lips.” She moaned.
I grabbed her by the hair pulling her head back as I grazed my tongue up her neck.
“Ahhhh” her moans continued.
“You want me to fuck you”? I asked, constantly teasing her.
I pinched her right nipple and her body jerked back onto me.
Maneuvering her head I bent her over the bathroom counter nibbling gently down her backside.
Kissing and biting her legs opened as the rest of her body grew tense.
I sucked on her honey like a fresh plum, sweet and ripe.
Her body quivered as her hips loosed and the sweet succulent stench of honey clogged my nostrils.
Changing positions I had her mount my shoulders as I sat on the floor.
Climaxing over and over I vibrated her clit with the tip of my tongue simultaneously filling it with spit.
Locking her earmuffs around my head she shoved my head deeper between her legs grinding her hips harder onto me.
I was literally drowning in her climax, she was melting too fast and so was I.
“Sixty-nine.” She moaned.
She had my pussy throbbing with her oversized tongue I was already squirting. 
She bounces her pussy in my face while I grinded on her tongue,
Knowing exactly how I liked it I was squirming round trying to hold my urge to come anymore.
“Oh know you don’t, I know exactly what you’re doing. You’re giving me that fucking cum”. She said firmly.
“Fuccckk. OH MY WORD!!!” I moaned louder and louder.
We were no long in sixty nine she consumed my soul into her mouth.
“Yes! Baby! OMG! Yes, I’m about to bust. YASSS!!!!!!!!” I yelled as my jerked repetitively.
I couldn’t feel my body and we both looked at each other and laughed.
“Damn, I see you couldn’t wait for me.” Said Corey standing in the door way.
“Oh shit!” I said shocked.
“How much of that did you see?” Brenda asked.
“Enough to have me with my dick out stoking it. So you ladies up for round two?” He asked as he continued to stroke his cock.
I looked at Brenda and smiled. She smiled back.
She began sucking on his hard honey stick while I pulled down his pants.
Getting lips nice and tender I……………………………………………..TO BE CONTINUED.


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