Momma Bee

I’ve always been curious as to what or whom people masturbate to, celebrities, coworkers, ex partners, current spouses or even the under age babysitter. The term “men are dogs” stem from the belief that men instantly become a erect from any woman with nice breasts, a round ass and full lips. What about women? Are you going home and maximizing your vibrators battery life to that hot sweaty guy from the gym you were staring at all night? I won’t judge, we are all human. As for me, my fantasies are a little more complex. For starters it’s a her and she had to fuck me written all over her face. I was never attracted to women before but her presence was sensual and her glow was sexual. Who is she? She’s me.

I laid in my bed as my alarm clock sounded before work. Freshly washed sheets with a strong sense of downy fabric softener, my skin was still moist from after my hot bubble bath last night. Gently I ran my fingers up and down my legs as I love the silk touch of my own chocolate skin. As I approached my navel I could feel my nipples hardening, the hair on the back of my neck slowly raising. I rolled over onto my side and I stared at my reflection in the mirror. “Do it.” I thought to myself in the mirror. I grabbed my breasts and ran my index finger gently across the bottom of my lip, swiping just enough spit to lather my finger as I began to run it across my left nipple. Counterclockwise I motioned as my breast grew harder and my legs responsively began rubbing together. I began to mentally search for a muse to use in order to release this tension that ignited inside of me. I looked back to the mirror and there she was the perfect muse, me.

I fantasized about feeling a warm breath over my shoulder, raising my neck hairs and sending chills down my spine. My breathing grew heavier and my hands wandered all of my body. I slid my hand between my legs and divided gently as I used my left ring finger to breach the rim of my wet honeypot. My shoulders popped forward as my fingers explored deeper inside. Softly biting my lips I peered onto my reflection in the mirror. “Fuck me.” I whispered to myself. My reflection grew lusty. Her eyes said “No, I’m going to make you beg for it”. I felt compelled so I added my middle finger to the equation. Grinding my hips and my legs together I rode my fingers as I laid on my side. My pussy becoming wetter but I was still warming up. I rose up out of bed and sat up to move closer to the mirror, grabbing my breast I began bouncing on my fingers. Up and down then, rotating my hips in circular motion.

“Take that dick”. Moaning in the mirror. Of course my reflection didn’t respond her eyes however told me to do better, they told me to taste my fingers. I pulled out my fingers and began sucking on them, I use my left hand to massage my clit as my right hand explored my esophagus. My body grew tense. “You like that?” I asked myself.

“It’s not enough”. She replied. This fucking bitch I thought to myself. My second alarm rang off on my phone and I threw it. I ransacked my pillows until I found my dildo, 8 inches of thick cock that would send my pussy to heaven and back. Obviously I wasn’t enough for this little bitch in the mirror so I had to turn it up a bit. I began sucking on my dildo as I kept I eye contact with my reflection. Something about watching myself and keeping eye contact while a hard cock plowed its way in my throat made me feel sexier than ever. Spit overflowed onto my breasts as I pushed my head lower onto the dildo. Simultaneously,  picking up some of the spit with my free hand I rubbed it on to my throbbing pussy.

“Yesssssss.” I moaned while biting my lip. I began thinking about all the sexual encounters, all the good ones and created a group of throbbing cocks surrounding me and watching as I pleasured myself.

“You’re such a nasty little whore.” The mirror responded back. I squatted down on my vibrating dildo as I envisioned myself being fucked by one of those cocks. My juices flowing heavily from my pussy as I bounced up and down and trying to shove more inches inside of me.


“Yes bitch take that fucking cock.”

“Fuck yeah.”

“You fucking dirty little bitch.”

“Aaaahhh yeeeeahhh”

“Yessss you fuck my right little pussy.” I moaned. Changing positions into doggy style I began pounding myself out from behind. I motioned my ass cheeks to bounce back on the same rhythm.

“You like this fucking pussy?”

“How does this fucking pussy feel?” I asked while staring into the mirror.  Returning onto my back, in missionary position I envisioned a nice juicy wet tongue sucking on my lower body’s lips. Vacuuming up all my cum and my legs began shaking uncontrollably. My body started twitching as if I were in an exorcism. Resting the dildo on my clit I stuck my tongue out and moaned, “eat this pussy.” It was as if I were riding my own face while squeezing my breasts together. I felt a fast build up approaching.

“I’m coming.”

“Fuck I’m coming.”

“Yes, fuck me!”

“Give me that fucking load!” I yelled as I penetrated my pussy vigorously.

“Yes, yes!”

“My fucking God!” I shouted as my clit squirted out all my cum onto my mirror. I felt rattled yet numb as I tried to catch my breath. The worst part about me fucking myself figuratively and literally, my damn alarm clock was still going off and I had to get up for work.


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